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AMAZE early childhood  delivers practical, classroom tools, and staff development helping adults engage children (PreK and K) in respectful, meaningful discussions around differences and bias. Bias is a major driver for bullying, and research shows that children begin experimenting with bias and bullying in the preschool years. Discussing bias can be daunting for adults, and tools and training to lead these discussions have been lacking. AMAZE delivers a complete program providing tools, training, and support to lead respectful, meaningful discussions and activities that address bias as it develops.
AMAZE early childhood  uses high quality children’s literature, open ended questions, and a myriad of classroom activities to explore human differences. It sensitively covers themes of race/ethnicity, socioeconomics, aging, adoption, immigration, gay and lesbian family members, divorce/break-ups, religion, disability, and bullying in a way that young children learn about the world. Divided into four sections: Safety and Belonging, Understanding You/Understanding Me, Valuing Families, and Building Communities; this program builds vocabulary and skills needed for successful transition to elementary school.
AMAZE early childhood has three elements
arrow Book box with 40 titles
arrow Curriculum Guide support, open-ended questions, and classroom activities
arrow AMAZE staff development customized to your needs
arrow Complete 3-hr. workshop
arrow Curriculum Guide—reading books and leading activities
arrow Classroom activities that initiate conversations
arrow Practical classroom tools: books, lesson plans and other in-classroom tools
arrow Easy integration:supplements existing curriculum and teaching processes
arrow Affordable/scalable: classroom activities that initiate conversations
At AMAZE, we know that positive school climates come from ongoing support and meaningful relationships. That’s why we customize all of our packages to the needs of your school or program. If you would like to purchase any of our tools of curriculum, please emailNancy Michael, AMAZE Executive Director, at, or call 651-493-8702.
“This program helped me realize the importance of talking with children about differences and bias. AMAZE helps create a place where kids can safely ask questions.” 
“My staff loves this program.  They found it easy to incorporate and tell me they have stronger bonds with the children and their families.”
“The training, the books, the activities —I feel so supported in this very complex and important work.”
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