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AMAZE elementary has been a great tool in my classroom and the kids really respond to it”
“I tried AMAZE elementary in a couple classes. It worked so well I rolled it and AMAZE earlychildhood out to my entire school”
AMAZE elementary delivers practical classroom tools and staff development that supports adults to engage children (grades 1-6) in respectful, meaningful discussions around identity, respect, bias, and creating a sense of belonging.
AMAZE elementary is a literacy-based anti-bias program that incorporates social emotional learning and provides opportunities for whole group and individual learning. Through a windows/mirrors approach, students develop an understanding of human differences and how bias affect us all.
AMAZE elementary uses high-quality children’s literature in a scope and sequence that imbeds anti-bias education theory and social emotional learning. Our online curriculum supports teachers as adult learners and provides everything needed to lead engaging conversations and classroom activities that build safety and belonging within a classroom and building. Imbedded in the guide are: opportunities for adult self-reflection, supporting research, and alignment to anti-bias education.
With each book, AMAZE elementary provides group discussion questions based on the six faces of inquiry and journal prompts incorporating differentiated instruction. Each section of the guide features classroom activities aligned with Minnesota Social Studies Standards and Common Core Literacy Standards. AMAZE elementary also provides scope and sequence of books for each grade level covering the themes of: empathy and belonging; healthy complex identities; respect across differences;, naming bias, prejudice, and stereotypes; taking action in the face of injustice. Books cover social identities and family structures including: race and ethnicity, socioeconomics, disabilities, immigration, gay and lesbian family members, adoption, religion, foster care, incarceration, homelessness, gender expression and identity, divorce and breakup.
AMAZE elementary, when combined with Classroom Dynamics, gives teachers the opportunity to help children develop compassion and understanding across differences and build connected classrooms where all children feel seen, heard, and valued.
AMAZE elementary is a great supplemental curriculum for schools using Responsive Classroom, PBIS, and Second Step.
At AMAZE, we know that positive school climates come from ongoing support and meaningful relationships. That’s why we customize all of our packages to the needs of your school or program. If you would like to purchase any of our tools of curriculum, please email Nancy Michael, AMAZE Executive Director, at, or call 651-493-8702.
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