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The AMAZE staff can help you create an environment where all children and families feel safe and welcome. Whether you are an educator, administrator, parent/guardian, or community member, an individual or a small group, we can customize our programs to meet your needs. We will provide you with the tools necessary to address bullying and bias-based attitudes wherever they occur.

customized presentations, workshops, and keynote speaking
arrow Using children's literature to create a school climate that celebrates diversity
arrow Preventing bullying, teasing, and exclusion (from toddler to teenager)
arrow Training staff and student-peers in intervention and prevention techniques that target bias based behaviors and attitudes
arrow INTERCULTURAL DEVELOPMENT INVENTORY measures the intercultural competence of adult individuals and collective teams. The IDI helps determine the starting point for an individual’s and organization’s work towards cultural competency and equity.
arrow Finding appropriate anti-bias educational resources and tools for the classroom
arrow Teaching young children about cultural diversity
arrow Helping children develop advocacy skills for self and others
arrow Creating afterschool arts and anti-bias educational activities
arrow Using persona dolls in the classroom
arrow Aiding staff and adult volunteers through self-reflection techniques
If you'd like more details about any of these presentations, or if you'd like to discuss which presentation would work best for your school, religious organization, afterschool program, or athletic program, please contact AMAZE.
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