AMAZEworks provides curricula, programs, training, and consultation to create equity and belonging for all…

...because there is power in belonging!

 Do I belong here?

When we walk into a room, we automatically assess the environment to see if we belong. Will I be seen for all of who I am? Will my voice be heard? Will my contributions be valued? Will I be treated with respect and equity?

AMAZEworks supports healthy identities, respect across differences, and connected communities by creating the conditions for belonging and equity in schools, communities, and organizations.

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Hugging Choua

Sewing with Love

Last week I sat in the AMAZEworks office stuffing persona dolls. AMAZEworks does not order our dolls from someone else.

en English

The new PreK – 5th grade Elementary Curriculum is available now. Each grade-level set comes with 20 carefully curated picture books as well as two printed curriculum guides.

We are also working to adapt each lesson and prepare resources for teachers to use through distance learning models, so this important work can continue despite the variety of ways schools may look this year.

To learn more about options and pricing, contact us at or (651) 493-8702.