AMAZE supports healthy identities, connected learning communities, and respect across differences by working at the intersections of anti-bias education theory, diversity and inclusion, and social emotional learning. This enables children to feel secure in their abilities to take risks and problem solve and navigate an ever-changing world while building connections with each other.

AMAZE knows that curiosity and learning are possible when students feel respected and visible within their own and their family’s identities and experiences. We know that healthy relationships with other students and teachers and feeling a sense of belonging are key to a student’s ability to succeed.


Anti-Bias Education Theory

  • Healthy Individual and Group Identities

  • Empathy/Respect Across Differences

  • Naming Bias/Prejudice/Stereotypes

  • Resiliency and Skills Needed to Resist Internalizing Bias and Stand Up to Injustice

Prevention and Intervention
  • Respect

  • Relationships

  • Resiliency

  • Responsiveness

Social Emotional Learning

  • Self Awareness

  • Relationships

  • Social Awareness

  • Self Management

  • Decision Making

AMAZE’s Families All Matter™ Book Project

Recently updated through Human Centered Design process, FAM focuses on teacher's learning and supports academic success. It initiates discussions and deeper thinking that helps build a positive school-wide climate where children feel valued, respected, and connected.

Incorporates quality trade picture books - categorized easy/moderate/advanced.

Embeds research, aligned with common core standards, and encourages teacher reflection and personal inventory.

Presents diversity through the lens of family.  Themes include: race/ethnicity, immigration, religion, socioeconomics, disabilities, gay/lesbian/transgender family members, divorce/blended, aging, foster care, incarceration, death, deployment, and adoption.