About AMAZEworks

Do I belong here? Will I be treated with respect and equity?

When each of us enters a new space, we look to see if all of who we are will be welcomed, valued, and respected. For those of us with non-dominant social identities around race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, ability, etc., we are especially aware of the culture within the space and whether or not we can bring our whole selves each day.

Using Anti-Bias Education theory as a framework for identity development, appreciating differences, and understanding bias, prejudice, and stereotypes, AMAZEworks creates the conditions for belonging and equity and enables people of all ages to engage fully in their relationships with each other and the work that they do in classrooms and workplaces.

AMAZEworks offers anti-bias education curriculum, programs, and training for schools, and organizational and individual cultural assessments, consultation, and equity training for communities, nonprofits, municipalities, and for-profit businesses.

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