About Our Programs

AMAZEworks’s core programs advance equity and inclusion by combining quality children’s literature and skill-building exercises to spark age-appropriate discussions about difference. Because family is one of the most important and accessible sources of both strength and difference for many children, the program focuses on exploring and appreciating all the ways that families can be different. And by engaging parents, guardians, teachers, and school administrators in reading to children and leading discussions that explore diversity and challenge bias, AMAZEworks builds cultures of acceptance and respect that reach beyond the classroom to impact whole schools and communities.

AMAZEworks’s programs are so effective because they engage children directly in making their own environments safe and welcoming for each other, fostering the knowledge, values, and skills that the next generation needs in order to support, and respect each other across differences of race, class, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion/faith, and physical ability. The curricula, hands-on activities, and interactive materials help adults and children work together to break silences about difference and discrimination in their schools and communities – and give them the tools and support to do it in a respectful, constructive, and effective way.

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