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The AMAZEworks Middle School Curriculum:

  • Engages middle school students to consider:
    • Who do I want to be in this world?
    • How do I want to be in this world?
    • How do I want others to see me?
  • Fosters students’ social-emotional skills through the lens of anti-bias education.
  • Is literature and video-based.
  • Includes lesson plans for each book/video with discussion questions, journal prompts, and optional follow-up activities.
  • Embeds and combines anti-bias education and culturally responsive teaching.
  • Covers a wide range of identities and lived experiences, allowing students to see themselves reflected in classroom materials and to understand the experiences of others.
  • Can be used in an advisory, homeroom, or classroom setting.

Please call 651-493-8702 or email info@amazeworks.org  to receive a curriculum sample and information on pricing.

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