Equity Training and Consulting

AMAZEworks strives to help schools and organizations identify and understand their culture in a way that provides for individual and organizational growth. Our work focuses on creating the conditions for belonging and equity. We can do this by purposefully engaging all staff in the process of initiating important conversations about identity, differences, and bias, and what we can do to take action against injustices.

Our focus on belonging and equity enables us to help leaders take an honest look at what divides us and prevents us from creating the inclusive climate we want. AMAZEworks uses the latest research on how humans take in bias, preventing and interrupting the internalization of stereotypes and prejudice, neuroscience and full body learning, best practices in adult education, stereotype threat, and social identity development.

Based on the needs of each organization,  creates customized workshops and trainings based on school or organizational needs and interests. Below is a sampling of some of our workshop topics.

  • Bias – Implicit, Explicit and Confirmation
  • Identity and Stereotype Threat 
  • Responding to Microaggressions
  • Unpacking the Cultural Iceberg  – Looking Deeper Into Bias and Cultural Norms
  • White Supremacy in Education
  • Cultural Differences – Communication Styles and Conflict Resolution Styles 
  • Leading Through Anti-Bias Practices
  • Behaviors that Trigger Negative, Bias-Based Responses
  • Preventing Identity-Based Mistreatment and Harassment
  • Brave Conversations – Developmentally Appropriate Conversations with Kids on Race, Gender, Identity, Differences, and Bias
  • Trauma-Informed Responses and Interventions
  • Behavior Management Strategies for Creating Calm Out of Chaos
  • Creating Gender Inclusivity 

Based on nationally recognized change models and AMAZEworks Creating the Conditions for Belonging Matrix, AMAZEworks helps organizations create a path for sustainable equitable practices.

Deep Dive into Policies/Procedures/Practices 

AMAZEworks will work organization leaders to provide an equity lens when determining policies, procedures and practices around recruitment, hiring, retention, leadership development, and community outreach.

Listening Sessions, Focus Groups, and Interviews

AMAZEworks facilitates listening sessions, focus groups, and interviews with organizational stakeholders to help organizations fully understand the landscape of their work and their impact. These listening opportunities pose questions designed specifically to the work of the organization and provide valuable feedback on how an organization can achieve equity and belonging in a changing world.

Coaching for Leadership and Staff

AMAZEworks  provides ongoing coaching for designated leadership and staff who want or need personal work and support.

This tool is used in conjunction with ongoing training to provide organizations with an overall picture of their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) in relation to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Once individuals within an have a better understanding of their knowledge base, limitations, and needs, it is important to answer the WHY of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as it applies to organizational health and sustainability. AMAZEworks leads an organizational SWOT analysis and examines national trends in demographics and changes forecasted for the coming years. This experience provides organizations with the WHY of DEI that can be shared with constituents as organizations makes changes throughout the DEI process.

The Multicultural Organizational Development (MCOD) is a tool used to determine next steps for ensuring that the “organization operates within its mission, goals, values, and operating system explicit policies and practices that prohibits anyone from being excluded or unjustly treated because of social identity or status. A multicultural organization not only supports social justice within the organization; it advocates these values in interactions within the local, regional, national, and global communities, with its vendors, customers, and peer organizations. The MCO is an organization that has within its mission, goals, values, and operating system explicit policies and practices that are intended to ensure that all members of the diverse workforce feel fully included and have every opportunity to contribute to achieving the mission of the organization.” Source: Jackson, B. W (2006). Theory and practice of multicultural organization development. In Jones, B. B. & Brazzel, M. (Eds.), The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change (pps. 139-154). San Francisco, CA, Pfeiffer


AMAZEworks uses the MCOD to help organizations assess mission, goals, values, policies, procedures, and organizational climate.

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