AMAZEworks Secondary Program

The AMAZEworks Secondary program embeds Anti-Bias Education Theory.  The program empowers teachers by giving them the tools and weekly lessons to have regular, intentional conversations around identity, difference, and bias

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Let’s replace “bully” with BELONGING!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and schools across the country are engaging in anti-bullying campaigns, including displaying anti-bullying posters, having students take anti-bullying pledges, hosting inspirational speakers, and teaching

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Creating Safety in the Classroom

The increasing number of school shootings continues to fuel a national debate on how to make our schools safer for children. District, local, and state-initiated proposals have sought to arm

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Hugging Choua

Sewing with Love

Last week I sat in the AMAZEworks office stuffing persona dolls. AMAZEworks does not order our dolls from someone else. Instead, we make them at home. First, artist Stephen Michael

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