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Adapting to Change

“Change is coming – what do we need to imagine as we prepare for it?” (p. 58, Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown) One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the past two+ years of the pandemic is that I have to let go of the illusion of control and embrace change. In

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Windows and Mirrors: Celebrating and Uplifting All Family Structures

An Interview with Hannah Bruner Hannah Bruner–educator, stepmother, and author of children’s book What Makes a Family–started using AmazeWorks curriculum in her classroom in 2019. The AmazeWorks anti-bias lens helped Hannah center belonging in her teaching, support her stepchildren as they navigated a shifting family structure, and share part of her own family’s story in

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AMAZEworks' ten Persona Dolls lined up in two rows

AMAZEworks Persona Dolls: A Family Matter

AMAZEworks Persona Dolls are friends who enter children’s learning environments to support and nurture their development of empathy and understanding. The dolls share their stories to help create a safe space for children to explore differences. However, their journeys start long before they ever enter the classroom. Jennifer Goggleye has been creating Persona Dolls with

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Thuba Nguyen holding a copy of her children's book, My Daddy Tells Me

My Daddy Tells Me: The Power of Authentic Voice

Thuba Nguyễn (she/her) is an Early Childhood Education Specialist, member of the AMAZEworks board of directors, and children’s book author of her newly published book, My Daddy Tells Me. Thuba aims to promote early literacy as a catalytic tool for generational and social change through her work as an author, educator, and small business owner

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2021 Annual Report

Year in Review. Despite the hardships of 2021, AMAZEworks continues to be a bridge to greater equity and belonging during these challenging times. Our challenge of the past year and a half has been to be responsive to the changing landscape and needs of educators, schools, and organizations. Together, we are having brave conversations about

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5 Commitments to Building Resilience

March can be a hard month. We are exhausted from the responsibilities that have piled up since the start of the year. We are eager to welcome the beauty of spring but are still reaching for our winter coats and scarves. On top of that, we are constantly faced with new moments of collective grief,

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Leaders in Racial Justice: The Past, Present, and Future

For Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, AMAZEworks shared a social media series reflecting on racial justice work spanning from the Civil Rights Movement to today. We sought inspiration from Civil Rights leaders of the past, reevaluated the dominant framing of MLK’s work in the present, and celebrated young leaders investing in their future. In

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Resiliency: Taking Vestiges of the Past to Reimagine the Future

An Interview with Dr. Artika R. Tyner Written by Sophie Herrington, Interviewed by Jenni Bratulich and Sophie Herrington Dr. Artika R. Tyner is a passionate educator, lawyer, justice advocate, and founder of Planting People Growing Justice (PPGJ), a publishing company and nonprofit that promotes literacy and diversity in books. She is a professor at the University

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Be the Spark to Create Meaningful Change

At AMAZEworks, we believe belonging is a human right. We champion equity and belonging for all. Our work has been challenging, necessary, and rewarding for over 25 years. As you can imagine, creating the conditions for belonging has been particularly important in the last two years. Belonging during a pandemic, amidst racial unrest, and climate

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