Persona Dolls

Using PERSONA DOLLS is a wonderful way of understanding and supporting the growth of empathy skills in each child in your program. We see empathy in children from the time they are infants, and we know that empathy needs to be supported and nurtured in order to help it develop and grow. PERSONA DOLLS help children learn the concrete skills they need to use their innate empathy effectively across differences.


The AMAZE Persona Doll Family:
top left to right: Allana, Sam, Rahma, Madison, Choua
bottom left to right: Nick, Simon, Leela, DeShawn, Antonio

AMAZE PERSONA DOLLS are preschool sized, hand-made dolls with realistic hair and faces designed after real children from the doll’s community. The dolls come dressed in size 2T, clean, gently used clothing to increase the feeling of realness.  Each doll has a unique identity created by the AMAZE team with members of the doll’s ethnic community.  AMAZE provides a guide that walks teachers through the process of introducing the doll, building the relationship with students, and lessons that introduce differences and support social emotional learning.  To view a sample page, click here.

PERSONA DOLLS come into the classroom as friends. Teachers carefully build relationships with the dolls by mirroring details of the children’s own lives. The dolls engage children through telling stories about their lives and asking children for advice.  Through training and the curriculum guide, we will show you how to use the dolls in a thoughtful, sequenced manner to help children build on the empathy they were born with in order to:

  • Create a space for exploring differences
  • Build a sense of community in your classroom
  • Reduce classroom conflict
  • Make space for children to deal with the effects of trauma, separation, and loss when those occur in their lives
  • Mitigate the impact of stereotypes and bias in children’s lives
  • Support children as they practice developing skills for standing up to teasing, bullying, and bias, on their own behalf and on behalf of others  



Simon is our newest doll –
developed through a collaboration
with the Minnesota Tribal Resources
for Early Childhood Care.

His identity as a young
Dakota boy was created
by members of his tribal community.






Need help deciding which doll is right for you? Click here to view a description of each doll.  If you have additional questions, please call our office (651-493-8702) or email an AMAZE staff member to discuss which persona doll(s) would best fit for your group of children.