Support AMAZE

Volunteer or Intern

We are always looking for people who have regular hours to give and who would like to get more involved with AMAZE’s work.

If you are a student, find out about the internship opportunities through your school and then call us. The kinds of internships that might take place at AMAZE include those with a focus on program development, communications, sales and marketing, nonprofit development, anti-bias education, social and emotional learning, multicultural and social justice education, and all of this within the context of early child development or elementary age development. We would be happy to think with you about how to make your time at AMAZE a part of your learning objectives.

For everyone else, give us a call. We are looking for people who can give regular time to AMAZE and who might be able to 1) provide administrative support, 2) put together research briefs, 3) work with the data we are gathering to help us tell the story of AMAZE.

Be a Research Partner

Are you in graduate school and working in the areas of education, learning, anti-bias work, social and emotional learning, or diversity and inclusion? If you are, and you are interested in studying some element of what AMAZE is doing, give us a call. We would be happy to think with you about your research goals and about the ways in which AMAZE might benefit from your brain and focus.

Spread the Word

The biggest and best marketing for what AMAZE does is through relationships. Tell your child’s teacher about AMAZE, like us on Facebook or Twitter and then direct others to our page. If you are a part of a book club or reading group, contact us for materials and questions that you might use to learn more about our work and about AMAZE.

Give to Make Our Work Possible

You can donate the items here on our Wish List or you can donate dollars. 

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