All AMAZEworks programming is supported by adult education opportunities. Many of us are unsure of how to talk directly with young children about difference and bias. We worry that we won’t know how to answer their questions or might give them too much information too fast.

  • What is the developmentally appropriate way to talk to a 6 year old about sexuality or race or hate violence?
  • What if they ask the same questions that we have? Many of us didn’t grow up talking openly about sexuality, race, gender, socioeconomic difference, discrimination, etc. – and often the silence taught us to be uncomfortable with those topics.

AMAZEworks provides ongoing training, workshops, and coaching for adults implementing our curricula to help them successfully incorporate courageous conversations on diversity and difference into their classrooms, faith organizations, and families.

  • Reader trainings teach adults how to handle questions that children have about diverse families
  • Orientation sessions for school staff, PTAs, and congregations help adults learn to build stronger, more inclusive learning and faith communities and improve communications with diverse groups of parents and community members
  • AMAZE regularly holds staff development trainings and workshops on issues including creating safe and inclusive classrooms, bullying, building bridges across differences, and creating healthy and involved families
  • We conduct community forums where speaker sessions and peer-led seminars help parents, teachers, religious educators, community volunteers, neighborhood members, and school administrators learn about bias and prejudice and become leaders in challenging it
  • We have developed two trainings specifically for new teachers: “Inclusive Classrooms” and “Using Culturally Diverse Literature,” which are now required for all pre-service elementary school teacher training programs in the state of Iowa and also available online through the Eager to Learn platform
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