What We Offer

Take a look at the materials we offer. Remember that all AMAZE programs are designed to be flexible so that they can be customized for your specific educational setting and needs.

Elementary Programming

Families All Matter (FAM): If the impact you want is student engagement, then FAM is the curriculum for you. FAM supports teachers in their ability to reach literacy and social studies standards, to address social emotional learning needs, and to create connected learners who reach their cognitive capacity. Families All Matter is a cross curricular literature based resource that provides lesson plans that include sharing a story, discussion questions, journal prompts, and differentiated group activities. We use high quality trade books that are authentic voice whenever possible. The stories cover a wide range of identities and experiences, allowing children to see themselves reflected in classroom materials. Teachers are provided a Scope and Sequence that maps out suggested books throughout the school year.

Classroom Dynamics: Often used in conjunction with the FAM book project, Classroom Dynamics is an online seven question survey that measures the connections or lack of connections in a classroom from the student’s perspective. The survey highlights friendships, isolation, mistreatment, and standing up for others. Classroom dynamics allows you to take a snapshot from the student’s perspective as to the positive or negative implications of the relationships in the classrooms so that a teacher can be informed on how to engage, connect, motivate, and discover with students what it means to have everyone feel welcomed. The survey is generally taken in October and then again in the spring to measure changes and growth.

Staff Training: AMAZE also provides building-wide training so that everyone from the lunchroom to administrative to playground staff are involved in building a climate of inclusion. AMAZE then can provide ongoing consultation, classroom observation, PLC opportunities, and additional training that will support teachers in their work.

Our belief is that a successful classroom supports teachers as engaged learners right along with their students. Through working with FAM, teachers will more deeply develop the knowledge and the skills to implement strong social and emotional learning practices, anti-bias education, and deeper understanding of the links between stress, brain development, and learning. Teachers will be supported in deepening their own empathy skills. AMAZE provides a safe place for teachers to be engaged learners and provides a curricula that has an easy application into the classroom. The children will experience rich literature, beautiful artistry, and have a place where they can safely share who they really are towards developing resilient and complex identities.

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Early Childhood Programming

AMAZE builds relationships with teachers and practitioners, and we support those teachers and practitioners to build relationships with children and their families. This is the center-point of our work.

Our work brings together social and emotional learning with anti-bias education, understandings of culture, diversity, and inclusion, and understandings of brain development, identity development, and resilience. AMAZE approaches social emotional learning from the lens of building on each child’s complex and rich identities. We focus on building resilience to stereotypes, bias, and early bullying.

AMAZE's early childhood programs use picture books, classroom and playground activities, life-size persona dolls, and open-ended questions. Our early childhood work comes in two versions: Everyone Matters, which is designed for school like settings such as Head Start, Childcare Programs, and PreK; and We All Matter, which is designed for family child care programs.

Everyone Matters – Classroom Program: AMAZE’s early childhood program design is built on strong research in early childhood development, pre-literacy skill development, positive identity development, social and emotional learning, and early prejudice reduction strategies. Designed to be developmentally appropriate for preschool-age children, Everyone Matters uses picture books, classroom and playground activities, life-size persona dolls and open-ended questions to help very young children begin to explore their own experiences with similarities and differences. Recognizing the importance of building positive connections to family identities, the Everyone Matters curriculum also provides letters and other take home activities to connect parents to the work that is being done in their children’s early childhood programs, from “Creating Safety and Belonging,” through “Understanding Me and You,” to “Valuing Families,” and ending with “Building a Community.”  Each section uses children’s literature, classroom activities, parent/child activities, and open-ended questions that carry the conversations throughout the daily activities at school or daycare and into the home, where parents can see their own family and culture represented.

We All Matter – Family Childcare Program: This program was written specifically for family childcare providers with an emphasis on multi-age learning that use materials easily found in a home childcare site. Providers have told us that they are excited to have a program that is specifically designed for them to build on the unique strengths of a family childcare setting.

Persona Dolls: Persona dolls become a member of your classroom. Each has a complete identity with details about their families, their talents, and their interests. These identities are created by members of the community each doll represents. As often as possible, each doll’s identity is more complex than having a single unique experience. Teachers use the dolls to introduce differences and to find shared interest and commonalities between students. The dolls provide a situation where children can build on their own knowledge by teaching someone else, in this case the doll, what they have learned. The dolls mirror your children’s own realities, which is especially important for kids who don’t see much reflection of themselves in the broader world. They also provide windows into the realities of other children’s lives for those who don’t share the doll’s experience or identities. AMAZE provides training, dolls, and a curriculum that provides the teacher with all that is needed to work with the dolls, including lesson plans and sample stories.

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Professional Development

Consultation: AMAZE provides coaching and guidance for educators on anti-bias education, social and emotional learning, prevention and intervention of bullying and teasing, and working with diversity and inclusion in your school or early childhood setting. We are available for working with professional learning communities in elementary schools and childcare and support networks.

Trainings:  Training is part of all of our programs. AMAZE also provides additional trainings based on the needs and goals of your organization. Past trainings have included implementing safe schools legislation, responding to crisis moments in schools, deepening family engagement, providing content training on specifics issues impacting your school such as changing demographics and increased poverty, building a positive school wide environment including but not limited to building positive playground and lunchroom atmospheres, positive transitions in your daily routine and schedule, mindset and cognitive capacity for learners, and effort and energy builders for positive learning. Trainings often include some of the newest understandings on brain development and learning in regards to stress and its impact on students. For early childhood communities, AMAZE has provided trainings on adult social emotional learning, in-depth understanding of anti-bias education, working with families, the links between the curriculum and language reclamation programs, and more.

Presentations: AMAZE provides presentations around the country including at Rotary Clubs, PTAs and other educational organizations. Click here for a list of conferences where you can usually find AMAZE and where we are often presenting as partners.

Keynotes: As well as providing presentations, AMAZE provides keynotes on the same material discussed above.